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Unger PPPP0 Paper Picker Trash Stick 42" Unger PPPP0 Details. The Unger PPPP0 Paper Picker trash stick is an indispensable grounds keeping tool. A 42" long arm allows you to pick up paper products, plastic ... PikStik T422 42" TrashStik: Health & Personal Care The result is that I have to wear a glove to grasp the stick from the top if I want to avoid injury to my ... I bought this trash pic to pick up leaves as much as ... 3 Ways to Pick Up Litter - wikiHow How to Pick Up Litter. Litter presents a threat to wildlife and public health. ... Use a litter pick-up stick to pick up trash from the ground.

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Those little trash picker-uppers... | LawnSite Those little trash picker-uppers... Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, Nov 22, 2003. ... Home Depot sells a trash pick up stick for about $20. Ettore 49042 Trash Picker Tool with Stainless… Sturdy, sharp, and good at picking up trash. Can also double up for self defense. Unless the other person has a gun.This was great trash stick at a very fair price. However, the tip cover is a joke ---the smallest piece of plastic that doesn't stay on at all. Where can I buy ( or how to make) a pick pole for …

Feb 12, 2008 · Drive a nail in the end and sharpen it to stab trash with. Or you can get fancy and buy a gadget that is used for this purpose at any department stores like Wal Mart.

FOLDABLE GARBAGE PICK Up Tool Grabber Stick Reaching Grab Claw Gripper Extend - $23.76. ... 1 x Foldable Long Trash Clamps Grab Pick Up Tool Note: ... 28CM Grabber Tool Long Pick up Helping Reach Hand Stick ... 1 x Reach Grabber Tool. Ideal for picking up trash, reaching high areas, high shelves, etc. Perfect for ground garbage pick up as well. No bending ... Foldable Long Pick Up Hand Reacher Trash Grabber Stick ... FOLDABLE LONG PICK Up Hand Reacher Trash Grabber Stick Claw Gripper Pick-up Tool - $8.96. 283408274261

Jill picked up trash for three years. Finally she said, "People leave trash here every year. They know we will pick it up. We shouldn't pick it up. In a few years, trash will cover this beach. People will stop coming here.

Trash pickers and grabbers pick up and retrieve litter and hard-to-reach items so you don't have to bend down and gather waste by hand. They have a long handle with a trash-handling tip on the end. Claw-style tips can grasp rigid objects while spear-style tips can stick into soft trash … Tools to Pick Up Trash | Our Pastimes Trash pickup tools reduce the back breaking effort of repeatedly bending over to pick the trash, makes the task easy and keeps you at a good distance from the trash. Trash picking tools come in various types and functionality depending on the kind of trash being picked up. Trash Grabber | Reaching Tool | Trash Stick

Garbage Spike: OK, so my wife asked me to get her one of those 'Garbage Spikes' so she can pick up stuff in our yard. For some reason, our yard acts as a ... Ettore 43-inch Trash Pick Up Tool with Sharp I waited to pick up all of trash the opposums tear up my trash and I'm less than a minute I was able to get the big dirty job done with ease. Everything it says I'm very happy. It has a handle hook to easy hang it up for easy storage or turn upside down and slide in a small place, there's a nice little blue cap that goes over the pointing part Where can I buy ( or how to make) a pick pole for picking Jul 23, 2008 · to make one, get a thin sized wood screw 2 inches long if possible then screw it into a old broom stick or one inch dow rod 3/4 to 1 inch deep. Use snips to snip off the screw head. get a 3/4 inch dow rod and a nail. put nail into one end and cut off the head of the nail. Unger PPPP0 Paper Picker Trash Stick 42" - WebstaurantStore Unger PPPP0 Details. The Unger PPPP0 Paper Picker trash stick is an indispensable grounds keeping tool. A 42" long arm allows you to pick up paper products, plastic cups, and cans without bending. The Paper Picker's securely mounted pin easily sticks and holds trash while you place it in your trash bag or garbage …

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